Air Support acts on a daily basis to be a responsible and committed company in favor of diversity and against all discrimination!

Clément, an employee at Air Support can testify to this! Indeed, with an initial training in automotive mechanics and CNC machining, he wanted to evolve professionally in a different profession and sector.

At Air Support, bridges are possible! After having started with an immersion period to discover the profession of Maintenance Technician within our facilities, he wanted to continue and to support him in this professional development, Employment agency offered him training.

The Pre-Recruitment Training Action allows jobseekers to train to respond to a job offer. This financial assistance aims to fill the skills gaps that the job seeker has and those required by the job position.

“After this immersion and training, I wanted to join the Air Support teams because I was able to appreciate the versatility of the position, the possibilities for development and the good working atmosphere ! I am very happy to have been hired on a permanent contract as a Maintenance Technician” explains Clément.

A great success

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