Air Support team

To sustain its dynamism and achieve its objectives, AIR SUPPORT relies on the expertise of its staff with complementary skills. Today, AIR SUPPORT is a human-scale company that brings 130 employees together, dedicated to customer satisfaction and united in their shared passion for the aviation industry.

Sabine Tertre
Sabine Tertre CEO
Cécile Dupouy
Cécile Dupouy Accountant
Régine Robert
Régine Robert Human Resources Manager
Chantal Falcati Supply Chain Manager
Sébastien Paillardon
Sébastien Paillardon Sales Manager
Alban Philippet
Alban Philippet Operations Manager
Marie Florenty
Marie Florenty Quality Manager
Ossama Jemaii
Ossama Jemaai Technical Assistance Operations Manager
Kévin Scomparin
Kévin Scomparin Communications Manager