A committed and engaging project for the team

We are aware of the essential role that pollinators play in the survival of our ecosystems. The bee is a major player in the preservation of biodiversity. It is a witness to environmental quality. Their presence guarantees that of all the other species in the ecosystem. Protecting bees means protecting the environment, other animal and plant species, and humans.

Air Support has therefore made a commitment to biodiversity alongside Biocenys to take concrete action to save bees by installing 3 hives on its land.

Biocenys is a cooperative society that positions itself as the biodiversity contact for companies and local authorities and works to promote biodiversity within organisations!

This action to preserve the environment is fully in line with our CSR approach our CSR approach

This environmental project also brings together our employees, who will have the opportunity to discover the work of a beekeeper and the operation and maintenance of a beehive and, of course, to participate in the harvesting of the honey!

A good way to reconnect everyone to nature !