ON-SITE Support's activity

AIR SUPPORT : a customized service, directly at home !

In addition to the maintenance, repair and overhaul services proposed in our workshops, AIR SUPPORT provides Technical Support to its customers : FALs, MROs, Airlines, Completion centers, etc.

With actions provided in more than 20 countries, we work for the biggest OEM, and especially for cabin equipment suppliers (seats, galley inserts, galleys, windows shades, PSU, etc.) on commercial aircraft and bizjets.

Customised solutions

  • On FAL (Final Assembly Lines): AIRBUS / ATR / DASSAULT

* PRE-INCOMING & INCOMING Inspection: Conformity verification and preparation of the equipments.

* Installation

* Technical & cosmetic reworks

* FAL Support: Technical assistance at OEM on FAL

  • On customers' sites, all over the world

* CABIN WALK / ON-SITE INSPECTION & REPAIRS: Cabin inspection, order and reception of pieces, on-site repairs (refurbishment, SB "Service Bulletin" application, commitment letter, etc.) and on-site certification PART 145 Dual release FAA/EASA.
  • Preparations in our workshops

* Mounting/Assembly Solutions: from kits sent by the OEM.

And specialized in Seats

On-Site Support - MRO - Seats

  • On any program:
    Airbus - Boeing - ATR - Embraer, etc.

  • On any type of seats:
    F/C - B/C - PT/C - T/C

On-Site Support - MRO - Aircraft Seats

Multi-purpose skills

  • Cabin equipment: 


Composite products

seats, galleys inserts (Expresso machines, coffee makers, ovens, etc.), oxygen masks, PSU, monuments (pedestal tables, pocket doors, etc.), luggage bins, galleys (cabin furniture)

  • Hydraulic and Fluid products:


Fuel pumps

On-Site Support - Strengths