Means & technical skills

AIR SUPPORT : Highly advanced equipment for an optimal quality

AIR SUPPORT owns many high level tools to maintain and repair the different aircraft components sent:

  • Test benches

Oil - Fuel workshop
Details of repaired equipment:

Vibration sensors
Speed sensors
Pressure sensors and pressure switches
Magnetisation and demagnetization system
Banc de charges MAGTROL pour test de moteur électriques (couple vitesse/puissance)

Electromechanical - Electronic workshop
Details of repaired equipment:

Electric actuators
Battery chargers
Retractable lights
Level sensors
Search lights
Coffee makers (test and scale removal)

Mechanical - Fluid workshop
Other repaired equipment:

Propeller feathering pump
Hydraulic components (SKYDROL and MIL-H-5606)
Hydraulic and pneumatic actuator
Environmental control system
Vacuum toilets
Windshield wiper motor
Lubrication units
Fuel system
Oil/air and oil/fuel heats exchangers

Air Support - Aircraft Component MRO - Oil test bench

Air Support - Aircraft Component MRO - Kerosene test bench

Air Support - Aircraft Component MRO - Coffee maker's test bench

Air Support - Aircraft Component MRO - Hydraulic reservoir test bench

Air Support - Aircraft Component MRO - Lubrication units' test bench

Air Support - Aircraft Component MRO - Skydrol test bench

Air Support - Aircraft Component MRO - Nitrogen test bench

  • Specific equipments

Details of repaired equipment:

Climatic chamber (-50° / +150°)
Paint Cabin
Dye Penetrant Inspection workstation
Magnetic inspection workstation
Silicone coaterig stripping tank
Converter 115 V, 400 Hz
2 generators 30 KVA
Compressor Atlas COPCO L7
Power supplies
Screw compressor COMPAIR L30RS

Air Support - Aircraft component Maintenance - test bench

Very specific techniques

In additional with usual means of investigation used by our technicians to estimate the necessary repairs to a component, other types of tests can be used.

These are highly advanced processes, for which we've trained our technicians.
In some cases, they have been qualified by specific certifying authorities.


NDT is used to inspect sample parts for cracks, without having to affect their physical integrity. If the part is conform, it can be immediately reused to repair the component from which it comes.


Let our expert presenting it to you :

Nicolas FAVRE,
certificated level 2

  • Dye Penetrant Inspection:

« This process is used to control the face of the component.

We apply above a fluorescent product, which is going to enter in the possible defects. After 20 minutes of impregnation, the piece is rinsed. However, the liquid having returned into the imperfections is going to stay. So, after a drying time, when the component is passed in the "revelation area", a tool which is going to act as a blotting paper, the liquid is going to reveal itself. If there are defects, they are going to stand out, by a bright indication

  • Magnetic Inspection:

"It allows to control the face and sub-face.

This technic is for ferrous & aimantable steels components. Firstly, we apply above a fluorescent product (oil which contains fine particles of ferrite). Then, the component is submitted to a magnetic field, which is going to create " field lines" (the way followed in the component). However, these lines will be diverted if they meet a defect in the piece. This abnormality will lead to the accumulation of ferrite particles which, at the time of the final control, will appear with bright indications

Air Support - Aircraft component Maintenance - CND