Component MRO's activity

AIR SUPPORT : a repair flow well controlled !


10 to 15 days

Export Sales

AIR SUPPORT has 3 workshops organized in blocks according to the technology necessary to repair any aircraft component we receive :

Electromechanical - Electronic MRO workshop

  • Interior / exterior aircraft / helicopters lightings
  • Galleys inserts
  • Engine electrical harnesses
  • Etc.

Mechanical - Fluid MRO workshop

  • Pumps
  • Valves
  • Actuators for air / oil / fuel / hydraulic fluid
  • Etc.

Oil - Fuel MRO workshop

  • Speed sensor
  • Vibration sensor
  • Pressure sensor
  • Temperature sensor
  • Etc.

Several support services assure cross-way coordination between the maintenance center and repair orders :

Repair process

As an aircraft component MRO specialist, AIR SUPPORT provides prevention and, if necessary, correction of defects.
The efficiency of our repair process is the result of the quality of our work and, above all, of the permanent orientation towards the respect of the contractual turn-around-times (TAT).

At the end of the chain, it allows our customers to calibrate their spare stocks at the minimum level.

Air Support - Strengths and commitments