Something new for AIR SUPPORT!


Additional skills and technical performance are planned!

This September, AIR SUPPORT continues its development by commissioning two new equipment: a hydraulic test bench, just delivered and a TestBox for LVDT sensors, created by its employees.

The test bench (reference MG049) will allow AIR SUPPORT to test three equipment mounted on the CFM-56 engine lubricating systemOIL SCAVENGE FILTER, STATIC ANTI LEAK VALVE and IDG OIL COOLER.

Thereafter, other equipment could also be developed thanks to this test bench.

This investment represents additional skills for AIR SUPPORT!

And there is more to come...

In the continuity of the "Made in AIR SUPPORT", the company will also use a new instrument: a TestBox for LVDT sensors.

Developed by the team of technical engineers of AIR SUPPORT, 
this casing test all LVDT/RVDT installed on the equipment of engine regulation handled by our workshops.

For AIR SUPPORT, the objective was to make this instrument a universal and progressive casing in order to control all the various sorts of existing sensors.

The technicians of the company have been trained in the use of this tool.

A high level of technical performance for AIR SUPPORT!