Searchlights: Maintenance of complex technologies


With a modern and complex technology, helicopter searchlights need a real know-how.

Made by three main manufacturers, all based in the USA, and originally designed for military use, those equipment are subject to burdensome export procedures involving long delays and certification to adapt to civil aeronautic.

Despite their robust nature, those equipment are generally used in high-risk situations which involve regular failures or shocks that must be urgently repaired.

There are two kinds of searchlights: small retractable lights, generally fitted under the belly of the helicopter and large, high luminescence searchlights, fitted on a dedicated gimbal on the side of the helicopter.

There are two versions: one with a conventional white light and the other with a Infra-Red lens for night vision.

Equipped with pressurized gas bulbs, these high power searchlights must be carefully controlled by a trained staff with the necessary electrical accreditation to handle it.

Increasingly used in border control, in evacuation plan in case of crisis or in various rescue missions (sea, mountains, etc.) by the police, the army, the customs, the cost guards, and the civil security, searchlights need to be maintained in operation condition in order to carry out their high-risk missions.
To this end, we preconize a preventive maintenance program.

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