Light on the LED


In all sectors of activity, it was quite usual to use lighting technologies as incandescent bulbs or halogens.
However, thanks to the constant evolution of the technology, we are hearing more and more about LED in the aim of substituting traditional bulbs nowadays obsolete.
Let us explain this new technology, which the advantages still stay unknown for some of you.

A LED (=Light Emitting Diode) is a two-lead semiconductor light source. It is a p-n junction diode, which emits light when activated.

This technology has a lot of assets that justify its development.

For example, in our Aircraft Component Maintenance activity, we often have to change the bulbs inside the aircraft or helicopter's lights.

LED lightings are a better solution for our customers, in terms of lifetime, toughness and price.

Therefore, LED appears as a great alternative because, first of all, their lifetime go way beyond the traditional lamps' lifetime (in average 40 000 hours for the LED against only 1000 hours for incandescent lamps) which means a decrease in maintenance costs.
Furthermore, the ratio between the energetic consumption and the quantity of produced light is more interesting. Indeed, at equal brightness, a LED is consuming approximately 5 times less than a classical bulb, inducing a significant weight reduction of the electrical circuits.
Finally, the features of the LED are also a key to their success. They are more robust and heat less: nearly 90°F against 300°F for the incandescent lamps. Their compactness also enable an easier integration in the aircrafts.

The LED have many advantages and strong arguments to conquer the aircraft industry. In general, they are started to become a reference in the light field.
It is also important to notice that the LED market is becoming more and more competitive and cadenced by the development of the technologies. Consequently, their price get affordable and more economic compare to the one of the traditional lamps which require more maintenance or even exchange.

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